I was diagnosed with several food allergies at the age of 28, which include soy and peanuts, if you are not aware, soy is in EVERYTHING!  It was not until about four years later that I realized I really needed to kick soy out of my life for good (peanuts had been gone for a long time.)  After doing some research, I found that Whole30 recipes were the easiest for me to eat and decided that this was the best route to "rid myself" of all the foods that attack my immune system.  I read "It Starts With Food" and had SO many "ah ha" moments, I was hooked.  Realizing how terrible the things we put into our bodies can be for us was a life changer.  Within days (well after the first five, because "kill all the things" is real) I noticed a huge difference in my over all mood, I was sleeping better at night, I no longer felt the need for a pre-bedtime snack.  My skin and hair improved and I just felt BETTER!  I am by no means an expert (or a chef) but wanted to share recipes , foods, and all things Whole30 that I have found and loved.  If you have any food allergy tips, feel free to pass them along because it is a constant battle!  Oh, and if you Whole30, make sure you follow Melissa Hartwig on instagram.  She is HILARIOUS and just a great human.