...I'm back, because you can't miss this SALE!


Whew!  The last six months of life have been a whirlwind to say the least.  I never imagined my career taking off as it has and with fifteen +  houses sold so far this year there has been very little time for the blog.  BUT this TARGET sale got me back to the blog world and fingers crossed I am here to stay.  After all, life is all about balance right?  So, about this will have you wanting to redo every space in your home and mamas, there are some good finds for you too!  I have linked some of my favorites and some of my wishlist below, but definitely check it out.  AND when you spend $100 online (today 7/17 only) you will get a 6 month membership to SHIPT free, and we all know how easy it is to spend $100 at Target!  Happy Shopping, friends!

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How to make your home COZY this winter

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Who doesn't love making their home warm and cozy for the Winter?  I recommend keeping your furniture neutral so that you can mix it up from season to season with different accent pieces.  Whether you simply switch out the pillows on the couch or add warmth to the room with soft and cozy area rug, you can give your space seasonal vibe without breaking the bank.  These are some of my favorites at Target right now.  Of course, being in Real Estate, I fell in love with the "Houses" pillow.  What are some of your favorite ways to make your home cozy?



If you are like me and love all things home and home decor then you more than likely love Fixer Upper and a trip to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market is probably on your bucket list.  But, what if I told you that Target was bringing a little slice of Magnolia to you with their new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection!  You read that right, Target has partnered with Chip and Joanna Gaines to bring to you a home and lifestyle collection which includes home decor and gifts.  Unlike many of their recent partnerships, this is not going to be a “get it before it is gone” release.  Target stated that “this partnership will last multiple years, and will refresh season after season.”  Hearth & Hand is set to launch in stores and online November 5th, but keep your eyes out because you could possibly see it roll out into stores early.  Stay tuned I will do my best to keep you up to speed on the arrival of Hearth & Hand at our local Target!


SimplE Chic Shower

Last week we had a little surprise shower for one of our team members.  Scotty’s Brewhouse in Champaign was great at accommodating a large party with such short notice and did not have a problem with me decorating the space.  You will never guess where the majority of the decorations came from.  Give up?  TARGET!  This momma to be prefers to not be the center of attention, so rather than having a gift opening session, I put together a basket of necessities and used the other gifts as part of the decoration.  Great Harvest Bread Co. has the MOST delicious cookies, if you haven't had them yet be sure to treat yourself sometime.  The cookies are best earlier in the day as they bake them fresh each morning.  How cute do they look on this adorable (five) dollar section cake stand.  In the white buckets we had enjoy life double brownie cookies for our gluten free friends.  The surprise was a success and we can’t wait to meet baby dos!

Floating Shelves, the start of the not so mini kitchen reno...

If you are a DIY-er like me, there is not usually a lot of time between “I want to do this” and “I AM doing this.”  Sometimes I will draft it out, plan, prep and create a rendering but this time, I decided to just go for it, I didn’t even take a true before picture.  One thing I will say, DO NOT TRY THIS ALONE like I did, or you might end up tearing a muscle or two landing yourself in physical therapy for the next six plus weeks, but that’s another story for another day.

Back to these cabinets….so I decided to rip the cabinets out to the right of and above my sink to brighten up my kitchen.  I found this awesome tutorial (thanks Home Depot) on how to build floating shelves and they seemed strong enough to hold  several dishes.  The tutorial includes your shopping list for the shelves, I modified mine to make them larger, but the lovely folks at Home Depot will cut the wood to your measurements for you which was a huge help.  Building the shelf was a little tougher than I anticipated, but once I got the hang of it, it got easier.  This project turned in to “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” because once the open shelves were built, I wanted shaker cabinets, which led to wanting backsplash, then a microhood…you get the idea.  This phase of the kitchen reno project was done in just a few days and I just love how it turned out. 

napkin holder: walmart ● plates: target ● mugs: made by me ● jars: walmart ● cake stand: target dollar spot ● fake plant: ikea  ● utensil vase: target

don't mind the mess, I had no idea these would end up out there for the world to see.

On the wall: A custom BEHR blend similar to Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

On the shelves: BEHR flat white & MINWAX Waterbased Polycrylic Clear Satin Finish

Appreciation Basket

This week we celebrated Administrative Professionals Day.  To say "Thank You" to our staff, I created a basket full of  gifts that everyone could use with punny tags.  Everything that I purchased was from Dollar Tree or Target making each basket affordable.  If you are a frequent Dollar Tree shopper, you know that they tend to mix up their inventory, so I won't link the specific items I purchased.  All of these items are pretty common and should be easy to locate at any store.  BONUS I have included the tag files I created for you to download. 

  • nail file
  • tea
  • bath bomb
  • candle
  • hand sanitizer
  • nail polish
  • socks
  • chapstick
  • toe separators
  • nail clippers
  • lotion

home SWEET home

Make your next Open House a little "sweeter" with a custom candy buffet!  Your Open House will be sure to stand out with a unique display of sweet treats.  I would suggest using candy that will last for a couple of weeks and use as many pre-packaged items as possible.  You might be concerned that the wrappers might get left behind, but by providing stickers to seal the bags shut, guests are encouraged to take their treats with them.  To create the candy bar as pictured, I used containers that I found at Party City, where I also picked up the blue lollipops.  The twizzlers, swedish fish & bubble gum came from Target and the cute little bags were a hobby lobby find.  I order all of my labels from amazon and picked up a cheap frame at Dollar Tree.


blue lollipops  ○  lollipop container  ○  swedish fish  ○  swedish fish container  ○  twizzlers  ○  twizzler container  ○  bubble gum  ○  bubble gum container  ○  square labels  ○  treat bags

Click HERE to download the home SWEET home sign template.

free2b sun cups

These are AMAZING!  (totally not Whole30, sorry Melissa) BUT when you haven't had a bite of your favorite candy growing up in over four years, you get yourself a pack (or three) of these.  You won't regret it.  Of course, I got mine at target (okay, this blog is making me realize this target addiction might be borderline problematic) but they have a WHOLE BUNCH of other goodies on their site

Hampden Industrial Stools

A few months ago I decided to to a DIY Renovation on my kitchen, with plans to re-do my "dining room" months down the road.  Well, once I get an idea in my head I have to bring it to life.  It's how I have been for as long as I can remember.  Once my kitchen was coming together, I measured space in my dining area, drafted my design in my notebook and created a rendering of my vision.  I knew the style I was going for and I instantly fell in love with these bar stools from target (of course.)  They truly make the space and bring everything together.  Want to know how I created this space?  Check out the "how to" on my DIY page!



actual photo of finished bar

actual photo of finished bar

rendering of bar

rendering of bar

Welcome Baby Girl

One of my dear friends recently welcomed her precious baby girl into the world.  This was a basket I created for her shower.  The nursery has an elegant rustic style with a bunny theme.  The pail, which was under $5 (thank you Michael's half off baskets sale) was something that could be used in the nursery, and the bunny was just too sweet to pass up.  There is a blanket lining the bottom (I buy a pack of them and use one per basket) instead of tissue paper, and I clipped socks with tiny clothespins to twine rather than using a bow.  The pail is filled with goodies from mom and dad's registry.  The best part is that everything goes to good use and you don't find yourself spending $6 on a gift bag that gets thrown away.


Infuser Water Bottle

We hear it all the time, "drink more water" but this is probably one of the things I struggle with the most.  I don't know what it is, but I can never bring myself to drink enough water.  After starting my Whole30 journey (and ridding my life of Diet Coke) I knew I needed to really make an effort to drink enough water every day, talk about a struggle.  Finally, someone posted these infuser water bottles and I figured it was worth a shot.  You guys, this thing is amazing!  And it works with all kinds of fruit!  My favorite is strawberries, just toss them in the bottom and you're good to go.  So, next time you are at target, pick up one of these bad boys!  Or, order one online here.