SimplE Chic Shower

Last week we had a little surprise shower for one of our team members.  Scotty’s Brewhouse in Champaign was great at accommodating a large party with such short notice and did not have a problem with me decorating the space.  You will never guess where the majority of the decorations came from.  Give up?  TARGET!  This momma to be prefers to not be the center of attention, so rather than having a gift opening session, I put together a basket of necessities and used the other gifts as part of the decoration.  Great Harvest Bread Co. has the MOST delicious cookies, if you haven't had them yet be sure to treat yourself sometime.  The cookies are best earlier in the day as they bake them fresh each morning.  How cute do they look on this adorable (five) dollar section cake stand.  In the white buckets we had enjoy life double brownie cookies for our gluten free friends.  The surprise was a success and we can’t wait to meet baby dos!

Appreciation Basket

This week we celebrated Administrative Professionals Day.  To say "Thank You" to our staff, I created a basket full of  gifts that everyone could use with punny tags.  Everything that I purchased was from Dollar Tree or Target making each basket affordable.  If you are a frequent Dollar Tree shopper, you know that they tend to mix up their inventory, so I won't link the specific items I purchased.  All of these items are pretty common and should be easy to locate at any store.  BONUS I have included the tag files I created for you to download. 

  • nail file
  • tea
  • bath bomb
  • candle
  • hand sanitizer
  • nail polish
  • socks
  • chapstick
  • toe separators
  • nail clippers
  • lotion

Welcome Baby Girl

One of my dear friends recently welcomed her precious baby girl into the world.  This was a basket I created for her shower.  The nursery has an elegant rustic style with a bunny theme.  The pail, which was under $5 (thank you Michael's half off baskets sale) was something that could be used in the nursery, and the bunny was just too sweet to pass up.  There is a blanket lining the bottom (I buy a pack of them and use one per basket) instead of tissue paper, and I clipped socks with tiny clothespins to twine rather than using a bow.  The pail is filled with goodies from mom and dad's registry.  The best part is that everything goes to good use and you don't find yourself spending $6 on a gift bag that gets thrown away.